Alliances reflect the strength of K2B's solutions.
In today's business climate, you're only as good as the company you keep. K2B's alliance partners complement K2B's solutions every step of the way. Here, we've divided our alliance partners into two key areas: service integrators and solution providers.

Service Integrators
Solution Providers

Service Integrators
BearingPoint Logo     BearingPoint (formerly KPMG) (
BearingPoint's Retail/Wholesale practice supplies Global 2000 companies with expertise to assist in capitalizing on opportunities and re-emphasizing business essentials. K2B's partnership with BearingPoint provides a combined solution set which can help enterprises drive revenue, reduce costs, improve margins, and maximize capital efficiency — all factors which can increase shareholder value and strengthen competitive advantage.

Cap Gemni Ernst & Young Logo     Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young provides significant experienced resources in the retail, distribution, and manufacturing industries as well as deep expertise in process reengineering, strategy, organizational alignment, and end-user training services. Our alliance with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young provides the depth of resources that allows us to implement and operate our solutions in any size operation.

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  Solution Providers

Meridian IQ Logo     Meridian IQ (
Meridian IQ, a Yellow Corporation company, has extensive experience and skills in transportation solutions management. Meridian IQ improves ROI through Web-native transportation management solutions that are fast, flexible and easy to implement, and supported by multi-modal global shipment execution capabilities. K2B and Meridian IQ complement one another. K2B provides the insight into what, when, how to buy and position inventory. Meridian IQ provides a seamless, complementary solution on how to move product in a more timely and efficient manner.

Vcommerce Logo     Vcommerce (
Vcommerce offers a flexible, scalable technology platform and comprehensive suite of products that extend supply chain operations across a company's trading networks. Vcommerce's distributed order management and direct fulfillment solutions provide detailed order visibility, performance monitoring, proactive event notification, and automated exception management. Partnered with K2B's suite of planning and optimization tools, K2B and Vcommerce can offer the best of both worlds: advanced integrated planning and execution.

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