Key benefits K2B brings to your business.
K2B's solutions benefit three key areas of your organization:
Benefits to Operations
Benefits to Finance
Benefits to Information Technology

Higher sales – Improved in-stock position and more efficient use of pricing and promotional events to drive demand.

Increased productivity – With intelligence about your operations from K2B, your people can devote more time to strategic issues and less on mundane, routine activities.

Fewer supply costs – Distribution, storage and handling costs add up. We'll show you how to lower those costs and improve your supply chain efficiency.

Lower personnel costs – Knowledge is power and that means you can do more with less. With K2B, you'll operate leaner and meaner.

Best product mix – Product, position, place, price and promotion. We'll provide you with accurate demand projections and insights on how to optimize your product mix.

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Maximize shareholder value – Shareholders are concerned about one thing — return on investment. K2B addresses this by maximizing profitability through minimizing working capital, reducing lost sales, and increasing sales and margins.

Projected financials – Translate supply chain forecasts down to the SKU-level into detailed, accurate financialforecasts for working capital, revenue and gross margin.

Projected cash flow – Greater accuracy in forecasts of cash in and cash out.

Affordable solutions – K2B's solutions are affordable. No large upfront investment is required, and our solutions pay for themselves through the cost savings you realize.

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Information TechnologyEase of integration – Low upfront IT investment doesn't require special software or a painful integration. You'll clearly see the value K2B provides before committing to the process.

Complementary solution – K2B works in conjunction with existing inventory management systems like POS and ERP. You don't have to upgrade or migrate.

No support issues – K2B can host and maintain the IT tools used in developing and delivering our turnkey solutions. Or, if you're looking for in-house solutions, we can provide those as well. Either way, we'll deliver full support and seamless integration.

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