With K2B's solutions, you can turn data into decisions.
K2B's solutions were developed to deliver the insights you need to make smarter decisions about all aspects of your company's operations. Companies that have implemented K2B's solutions have experienced:
  • An increase in sales by 1% to 3% due to reduced stock-outs
  • Reduced inventory by 15% to 40% as the result of greater inventory turns
  • A boost in supplier funded inventory by 20% to 60% thanks to improved timing of purchases
  • Lower distribution, storage and handling costs

Demand Planning – an accurate, timely demand forecast and plan that fits your company's unique demand patterns down to product and store level.

Supply Planning – by accurately gauging demand, supply planning can minimize required working capital and maximize gross margin while maintaining high in-stock positions.

Financial Planning – results from demand and supply planning are translated into income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projections. The result? Cash Maximization™.

K2B is so certain of the bottom-line impact of its solutions, we align our fees with your actual value realization, practically self-funding the initiative and creating returns of up to five times the cost of investment. Our value calculator can demonstrate how the value is derived. What's more, K2B's solutions are non-invasive and offer a quick return on investment. There's no hardware or software to install or long period of integration. Our analysis tools utilize information your company is already generating to produce time-sensitiveknowledge that delivers identifiable and measurable results within 120 days of implementation.

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